I travel a lot. Landscape & travel photography have always intrigued me ever since I got into photography as a passion. And hence, my motivation to get into wedding photography, while I was pursuing my PGDM from NIA, was merely to sponsor my travel and gears without burdening my parents. But my hard work started paying off & people started recommending me for more wedding work. I slowly fell in love with weddings as it has so much to offer to a photographer in terms of emotions, colours, aesthetics and candid moments full of happiness and tears. Luckily, I had many friends who supported me & promoted my side business. Without them, it would have been hard to reach where I’m today!

Even after joining LTI, after a PGDM in Insurance, I continued with wedding photography, as it became the most needed creative cushion in contrast to my technical corporate job. The happiness I deliver along with the photos/videos and the reaction of people after seeing their wedding memories is what motivates me to keep working harder and improving the quality with every passing day.

Founded in 2018, recently, Pratik Heshi Photography & Films has been working on improving the wedding films which is evident from the recent YouTube videos. All the marketing lessons that I learnt during my MBA are useful in this business as I face direct clients and put in everything to convert them into valuable customers amidst the fierce competition. In this journey, the NIA staff, my teachers, my friends, juniors/seniors and a lot of other people have been very supportive of me. I shot college events like Manthan in NIA as a professional photographer instead of just a student and the institution also bought some of my other photographs for their brochures & website. I will always be grateful for these gestures that helped me become what I am today. Their appreciation & a little motivation to keep pushing is what worked as an elixir for me.

Pratik Heshi, Owner and Candid Photographer at Pratik Heshi Photography & Films (www.pratikheshi.com and www.instagram.com/pratik_heshi)

(Batch: 2017-19)