My journey at National Insurance Academy (NIA) was a roller-coaster. Now- a-days a dialogue is very famous “how’s the josh”. My josh was pretty high during my stay at NIA. The reason behind this high josh was the opportunities which I got in NIA. From being the CR, to a member of placement committee.

From being active student volunteer member for several seminars at NIA, to being an organising member of Manthan (NIA Management Fest), to name a few opportunities that help me develop my leadership acumen. If you have motivation to do something, NIA will always provide you with opportunities to accomplish that.

This was only possible with the support of our respected faculty members. NIA has highly qualified in-house faculty and industry experts to nurture innovative ideas. At NIA, I got opportunity to interact with many industry expert, leaders, and CEO’s from insurance sector. Listening to their perspectives and experiences helped me to gain a lot of practical experience.

And to talk about campus, NIA has the most beautiful campus. Walking track, gymnasium, swimming pool, GIC pathway, sports complex to name a few places for recreational activity. And my personal favourite were two places for peaceful reading i.e. library and reading room.

NIA has a rewarding culture for meritorious students. And I was fortunate enough to have received MA Aziz Ansari Gold Medal for best all-rounder student and I will always be thankful to NIA for that. And the award will always remind me that there is no short cut to success. NIA has taught me that hard work, dedication, perseverance and resilience are very important for success.

Animesh Sinha

Business Process Analyst, MS First Capital Insurance, SingaporeBatch: 2016-18

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